Our joints and tendons have difficulty to rejuvenate again despite anything we can do with diet, supplement or physical therapy. We do not need to bring in a foreign body or parts. Instead, we can simply put our own cells to Renew, transform and help to restore other parts.

I myself, struggled with keeping up with the exercise that I like, I simply could not until I have a simple intervention that changed me and allowed me to enjoy living again. I am amazed on how my own body cells just by taking them from one place and putting them in another. I felt young and energetic and able to enjoy life again. That is why I want to have it possible to anyone who wants to enjoy living.

In some instances, we need to take cells from the marrow, that have tremendous ability to rejuvenate, process them and introduce them into the space where we need to Renew. In other, we need to extract cells from circulating blood such as platelets and other factors that play a significant role in tissue healing, inject them into places where need to preserve and renew.

Individuals who want to do any sport activity and are held back due to impairment of joints such as knee and shoulder. This precise intervention can help to heal and avoid medications that may be harmful or procedures that may be difficult to recover from. Patients can feeel the effect within days after the procedure.

It is truly a natural way to heal, renew and relive.

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