Our skin loses over time its vibe and elasticity. Our skin and hair have difficulty to renew itself after a while.  Certainly, we can try substances made from bacteria toxins, plants, foreign bodies or rays that may help, but using our own cells to Renew and rejuvenate is effective and natural. We can put our cells from circulating blood to Renew and restore life into facial skin to take away wrinkles or restore hair loss.


Platelets and other cells selected from our circulation and bone marrow are able to heal, improve skin health, elasticity and recruit other cells and growth substances to rejuvenate the skin.


We use micro-needling and targeted needling approach to restore the following areas:

Platelet-rich plasma is applied to restore wrinkles with amazing results in our hands. Results are visible within few days. 


Platelet-rich plasma is used to treat alopecia and hair loss. Introducing platelet-rich plasma in the scalp or loss where hair loss occurred, stimulates cells in hair follicles and promote them to start the healing process. It has a remarkable effect on the formation of new blood vessels and growth of existing blood vessels to restore the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas.


Platelet-rich plasma approach is used as part of the combined approach. The best clinical outcomes are reached with the concomitant use of unique techniques that bring the desired results. We use micro needling, targeted needling, specialized nutrients, and care in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma under the direction of specialized team to bring remarkable outcomes.

Our cost of these procedures is very competitive. 

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